Are You Prepared For A Data Breach?

Can Your Business Withstand a Cyber Attack?

Secure yourself and your data with a penetration test. Our penetration test will show you how easy it is for hackers to get to your information, and create a plan to make sure your team is adhering to good cyber hygiene.

The Galactic Pen Test is a real-life demonstration of how hackers could get onto your business network, what they could steal or lock down, an easy checkup on user behavior and how IT has been managing things so far —a good test that they’re actually doing their jobs.

How the Galactic Penetration Test works:

Step 1:

You click on an executable (simulating what happens when a link in an email is clicked).

Step 2:

Let the executable run once. This takes between 5 minutes and an hour (up to 2.5 hours on older machines). Go about your normal routine as it runs.

Step 3:

We will analyze your results and present our findings as to what a hacker would find on your network. This will include cloud drives, One Drive, DropBox, Box, SharePoint and other file-sharing programs.

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Penetration Testing

  • 1> Uncover hidden system vulnerabilities before criminals do

    Finding and exploiting previously undiscovered security flaws before attackers do so is essential for maintaining safety, which is why security patches are so commonplace in modern applications. Penetration tests can reveal deficiencies in cybersecurity plans that were initially overlooked.

    A penetration test focuses on what is most likely to be exploited to better prioritize risk and use your resources effectively. The human element of a penetration test means that you can discover vulnerabilities that:

    • Only appear through the combination of lower-risk flaws that attackers can exploit in a particular sequence.
    • Depend on the human factor, as in the case of social engineering or human error, demonstrating the parts of security education that require work.
    • Require additional validation after automated vulnerability screening of networks.
  • 2> Strengthen security processes and strategies

    To know how secure your IT systems are, you need to look at the summarized results of a penetration test. Executives at your organization can benefit from their knowledge of the security holes and the possible damage they could cause to the system's efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to providing recommendations for their prompt remediation, a skilled penetration tester may assist you in building a solid information security infrastructure and determining where you should allocate your cybersecurity budget.

  • 3> Lower remediation costs and reduce dwell time

    Losses from downtimes, poor network performance, loss of brand image, reputation, loyalty, and, most crucially, customers compound the financial implications associated with cybersecurity breaches and assaults. Your company may feel the repercussions of the breach for many years.

    According to IBM’s analysis, the average cost of a data breach worldwide in 2022 is $4.35 million, up 12.7% over the average cost in 2020. Restoring normal operations will necessitate heavy financial investments, cutting-edge safety precautions, and several weeks of downtime.

    However, fixing the flaws that a penetration test uncovers before a cyber breach allows for much less downtime and inconvenience for your business. And it costs a small fraction of what a successful breach would!

  • 4> Adhere to regulatory compliance around security and privacy

    Without question, penetration testing is an essential component of keeping your company and its assets safe from attackers. Although pen tests are primarily used to ensure the safety of networks and data, their value extends much beyond that. Consistent pen testing can help you meet the requirements of the most stringent security and privacy norms.

    Audits and tests of security systems are something that all firms must regularly undertake to comply with regulations like HIPPA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, SOC2, ISO 27001, and others. In fact, PCI DSS 4.0 actually requires pen testing in Requirement 5. You must do so to meet the baseline security these regulations set and avoid significant fines. Penetration testing can help businesses strengthen their security policies and demonstrate to assessors that they are diligent about keeping up with vulnerabilities, thanks to the extensive reporting created during the testing.

  • 5> Preserve brand reputation and customer loyalty

    Customers want to know that their information is secure while dealing with a business, especially in light of the frequent reports of data breaches in the media. A penetration test is one way to show them that a business is secure. As an added precaution, security reviews often include a discussion of penetration tests before major contracts like mergers or vendor arrangements are signed.


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