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Technology Is Evolving So Should Your Communication System. Delivering Next-Gen VoIP Business Phone Services On Long Island, NY

Let us make it easy to understand "VoIP" (stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol). While searching for a better communication system, many companies are turning towards VoIP systems. This option becomes easy to use even if there are multiple locations for a company. The challenge can be finding the correct solution for your business.

VoIP converts audio signals into digital data that is conveyed during a call. With this technology it can be used in PCs and mobile devices. When you search for reliable hosted VoIP Business Phone service on Long Island, New York, B&L PC Solutions offers a best IT services on Long Island that you are looking for in a company. We offer reliable, flexible, and affordable VoIP Services on Long Island that you want from your communications provider.

The Cytracom phone is built on cloud-based technology and comes fully structured, and all you have to do is simply plug and play to start making calls. Receive the advantage of a big-business phone system on devices that are very easy for your team to use. We want businesses to grow to their full potential with access to the latest technology—beautiful, easy-to-use voice and messaging platform perfect for companies of all sizes.

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Perks of having Cytracom VoIP Phone Services

  • 24 Digital Presence Keys - Tailor-made and configurable keys to managing your office communications and see the status of office users.
  • HD Audio - Get all call details also, successfully conduct a one-to-one call or conference call and at the high-definition sound.
  • WIFI Capable - Get a WIFI-enabled connection through a wireless network with a one-time fee upgrade.
  • Bluetooth - Connect headsets seamlessly for hands-free calling.
  • POE - Power over Ethernet with 1GB passthrough.
  • Color LCD Display - Receive a clear glimpse of all your communication activities.

Enhance Your Business Communication With Exclusive Features And Benefits Of Cytracom Phone



The Cytracom Mobile App provides a truly integrated business VoIP experience on an iOS device. Cytracom makes VoIP simple to install and use. With a reliable platform built on flexible, cloud-based technology, Cytracom delivers fully managed, enterprise-grade hosted VoIP tailored to small business needs.




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  • Zero Configuration - simply log in with your Cytracom credentials and you are on the go! Keep up with all important business communications while maintaining separate business and personal personas. Never miss a business call again.
  • Manage Calls on the Go - effortlessly make, receive, add, merge, and transfer or split calls.
  • Presence - monitor the availability status of other phone users in the business.
  • Manage Voicemail - read and manage voicemail messages.
  • Contact List – filter by office extensions or device contacts.
  • Incoming Call Identification – quickly identify business calls.


Cytracom Messaging enables your team to seamlessly communicate both inside and outside your company with advanced messaging capabilities. Reduce the need for multiple communication tools with a messaging platform to collaborate whenever and wherever needed across the Cytracom Apps (Mobile and Desktop) and with any mobile device users outside of the company (with SMS).

Requiring zero configuration, Business Messaging is
ready to go when signing into your Cytracom Apps.

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  • Team Messaging - collaborate anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • Rooms - create Rooms to enable collaboration and organize the conversations.
  • Integrated File Sharing - share images, documents, and videos in Rooms or direct messages.
  • Message Mobile Users - Cytracom users can message customers or partners on mobile devices using standard SMS.
  • Notifications - get pop-up messages for incoming calls, voicemails, and other important notifications.


Cytracom Mobile allows you to create
a private room called “Top Secret.”

Want to text a client or include them in a group text? You can do that too. Even better, they can text you first, without a Cytracom app. With advanced features like file-sharing, presence, and the ability to pick up a conversation from any of our apps, you won’t have any trouble deciding what to talk about.

Want to text a client or include them in a group text? You can do that too.

Even better, they can text you first, without a Cytracom app. With advanced features like file-sharing, presence, and the ability to pick up a conversation from any of our apps, you won’t have any trouble deciding what to talk about.


NO Contracts + FREE Business Phones + 24x7 Support

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VoIP Services

Long Island businesses run seamlessly using our VoIP platform. Make and receive calls from your business phone number on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop.