Protect Your Business Data With Our Unique
Data Backup & Business Continuity Service On Long Island, NY

Business data is a lifeline for any company, and losing it due to downtime or system failure, natural disaster, or a cyber-attack could result in lawsuits from clients, costly non-compliance fees, and low credibility. B&L PC Solutions' Data Backup & Business Continuity services (on Long Island, New York) can aid you in safeguarding your business from these consequences. We have the latest tools and expertise in data backup that can help recover lost data.

Businesses that think that they are safe from disaster are the most likely ones to lose their data. You might believe that your systems are secure, but one disastrous movement can bring your business down to a slow crawl. With B&L PC Solutions data backup & recovery solutions, you minimize the risk of losing your data or network.

We provide data backup & recovery solutions to small and medium businesses on Long Island, New York. We also offer business continuity solutions, which allow our clients to recover corrupt or deleted essential files. The recovery period for business continuity can take less than 1 hour.

Our range of IT Services on Long Island, have a comprehensive backups suit that provides us with all the tools that we need to backup your essential files, folders, and servers and recover them fast after a disaster. Regardless of the event that hits your company -- flood, fire, or even negligence -- your business will be up and running in no time.

We understand getting a backup of your sensitive data is a business requirement. B&L PC Solutions provides you with sensitive, quick, and secure continuity solution.

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Have A Glance At Few Benefits Of Our Data Backup & Recovery Services On Long Island

  • We also provide an off-site facility to store your essential data. B&L PC Solutions ensures your data is safe, and you can access it easily.
  • We cover all types of storage, from automatic and regular backup.
  • If there is a hardware failure, we recover the failed data fast.
  • We provide our tailor-made data backup and disaster recovery services to businesses on Long Island, New York, and surrounding areas.
  • You will receive a flawless integration.
  • We possess an expert team of disaster and data recovery professionals who will advise you on the disaster recovery program.
  • We ensure that you are worry-free by making your process and critical systems safe with our data backup & recovery services on Long Island, New York.

B&L PC Solutions' professionals are committed to recovering your essential data from any data loss scenario.

Managed IT Services

Long Island and NYC bundled support and licensing at a competitive price.

Data Backup & Business Continuity

Don’t lose your data (we back it up every 15 minutes)! If there is a site disaster or failure we can have you running in a secure cloud the same day!

IT Consulting

Get IT Consulting Services on Long Island for all your IT-related matters and optimize your business in the best way possible.

Cloud Computing Services

We have migrated dozens of Long Island companies from on prem servers to a secure cloud.

Network Security

Our network security solution will help your business adhere to all government regulations. We can help you write all of your network security policies.

Server Virtualization

Many Long Island businesses have saved money by consolidating their hardware using virtualization.

vCIO Services

With a dedicated Technology Liaison for your business, we can provide strategic consulting services and cost analysis regarding information technology and cloud infrastructure.

VoIP Services

Long Island businesses run seamlessly using our VoIP platform. Make and receive calls from your business phone number on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop.