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B&L's President Brian Bratchie and other IT business owners come together to form the group 'The Reboot'. This group will discuss a variety of topics every month that all business owners can relate to and face on a regular basis. Let these experts help 'Reboot your thought making process'.


Cyber Security Insurance Requirements

In recent weeks we have discussed WHY your business needs Cyber Insurance...

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Streamed on 10.11.2023

Services Your IT Company Should Be Providing

If you are outsourcing your IT Services, do you know what is included?...

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Streamed on 8.23.2023

Why Your Business Needs Cybersecurity Insurance Today

There are a reported 2200 cyber attacks every day, which is nearly...

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Streamed on 08.09.2023

Revisiting The Importance of Customer Service Today

The Reboot has discussed customer service in the past. Today we will discuss...

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Streamed on 06.22.2023

Tech Sector Layoffs Explained

Large tech layoffs continue through 2023 with headlines showing thousands of people...

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Streamed on 05.31.2023

Security Policies – What Are They And Why Your Business Needs Them

Your business needs an AUP if it uses internet access. AUPs are...

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Streamed on 05.24.2023

Why Your Business Needs a SOC Today

In the day and age of sophisticated digital hackers, your concern...

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Streamed on 05.10.2023

Microsoft and Open AI

Open AI was founded in 2015 by Elon Musk and is widely known today for...

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Streamed on 04.20.2023

Common IT Problems in Small Business

Most businesses today rely entirely on technology as a result of the digital...

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Streamed on 03.22.2023

Best Practices to Prevent Wire Fraud

In today's digital age with the prominence of social media, targeted email phishing has become...

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Streamed live 03.15.2023

Using OSINT As Part Of The Reconnaissance Process

There are 7 steps in the Cyber Kill chain and the first one is Reconnaissance. This is the practice...

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Streamed live 02.08.2023

Flow and Power Automate

In keeping up with our busy schedules, why not turn to automation to lighten some of the manaul burden?...

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Streamed live 01.12.2023

Direct Mail Marketing

With all of the automation available today, are you still leveraging direct mail...

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Streamed live 1.04.2023


Working Securely While Traveling

Now that we have returned to some normalcy when it comes to corporate travel, your risk...

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Streaming live on 12.07.2022

Customer Service, Improving Satisfaction

We all know the importance of customer satisfaction and employee retention. Are your customers...

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Streamed live 12.01.2022

Reiterating The Importance of Zero Trust

Common themes on The Reboot are Zero Trust and Cybersecurity. Today we will discuss steps and...

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Streamed live 11.16.2022

Disaster Planning Checklist What You Need To Know!

Don't wait until it is too late to prepare yourself for a disaster. All too often controls or procedures...

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Streamed live 9.30.2022

What To Look For In Your Security Awareness Training Provider

Security awareness training is a formal process for educating employees and third-party stakeholders...

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Streamed live 09.14.2022

FTC Safeguards Rule and What You Need To Do by December 9 2022

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has updated its Safeguards Rule. The new rule contains several...

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Streamed live 09.08.2022

Information Rights Management/Sensitivity Labeling

Do you have sensitive documents stored on your local PC, server or the cloud? Are you protecting that data...

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Streamed live 08.29.2022

Employee Monitoring Positive Use Cases

There is a negative connotation when we hear 'employee monitoring'. It's perceived as big brother...

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Streamed live 08.22.2022

Identifying Critical Assets and Risk Profile

Are you running unsupported desktops or servers in your corporate environment? You could be...

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Streamed live on 08.03.2022

Are You Following Your Paid Professionals Advice

Are you paying a professional or expert (IT/Legal/Dr, etc) who is providing some level of advice, but...

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Streamed live on 07.27.2022

Leveraging Platforms for Project Management

Are you struggling meeting some of your tasks for projects? The Reboot will discuss some of the project...

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Streamed live on 07.20.2022

Understanding MDM and Mobile Security

We will discuss how businesses can protect sensitive data by securing employee owned devices...

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Streamed live on 07.13.2022

Deep Dive Into Goal Planning

The Reboot crew will discuss methods to assist you with setting measurable goals and...

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Streamed live on 07.06.2022

Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop

Today we will discuss what these DaaS products are, what they do and how they compare...

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Streamed live on 06.29.2022

Lead Generation & Marketing

How are you generating leads? Are you getting qualified leads? Today The Reboot will give some marketing...

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Streamed live on 06.15.2022

Incident Response Planning

Today we will discuss the importance of having an incident response plan and why every company needs one...

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Streamed live on 06.08.2022

Deep Dive Into Teams

Increase productivity with some of the newest features in Microsoft Teams. Learn how to take control of...

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Streamed live on 06.01.2022

Ensuring Remote Workforce Is Secure

Understanding how Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) can be a great tool for securing your remote workforce...

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Streamed live on 05.25.2022

Understanding The Importance of Documentation and Tracking Policies

Bottom line, regularly reviewing your policies and procedures keeps your organization up to date...

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Streamed live on 05.18.2022

Why Data Backup
is NOT Enough

Too many small businesses are getting burned because they thought they were protected with the data...

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Streamed live on 05.16.2022

Open Mic

So many topics, such little time. Sometimes it's best to cut loose and just see where the conversation goes...

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Streamed live 05.11.2022

MSP Software Vendor Consolidation:
Good or Bad?

MSPs of the world, UNITE!!!! Kaseya backed by private equity scoops up Datto this week...

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Streamed live on 04.13.2022

4 NextGen Cybersecurity Solutions a Biz Must Get Today!

Antivirus, spam filtering and a firewall ain't gonna get it anymore!!! It's just a simple fact....

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Streamed live on 04.04.2022

3 Ways To Tell If You Have
A Good IT Company

Anyone can open an IT company and start fixing computers. But how can you tell if you picked a good....

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Streamed live on 03.25.2022

Essential Web Pages Your Site Must Have To Drive New Sales

Sadly most business web site do not drive new sales as they hoped would. In fact, many business owners...

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Streamed live on 03.18.2022

Beware of So Called
'Free Cybersecurity Assessments'

Technology companies across the country are offering the "free cybersecurity assessment" to show...

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Streamed live on 03.16.2022

Is Your IT Guy
Failing To Do This

Has your outsourced IT person ever mentioned a QBR? They should be and often! So what is it?

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Streamed live on 02.09.2022

Fire The Phone Company, Save $$$, Up Efficiency with VoIP

Stretching every dollar is becoming increasingly important. Businesses need to get the most from...

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Streamed live on 01.26.2022

5 Ways Technology Can Help In This Staffing Crisis

Are you having problems finding and #hiring qualified staff? Are the people you're finding asking for...

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Streamed live on 01.12.2022


Don't Get Surprised By New Cyber Liability Requirements

Don't be caught by surprised when your Cyber Liability coverage provider dishes out a bunch of new...

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Streamed live on 12.01.2021

Microsoft 365
Cost Increase

Microsoft announced they will be increasing the prices starting in March 2022 but what you may not know...

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Steamed live on 11.19.2021

10 Tips To Close
More Sales

If you ain't growing, you're dying". Even in 2021, closing sales is one of the keys to staying in business. But many...

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Streamed live on 11.15.2021

How to Make Clients
Value You

Do your clients value your services? How do you know? What do you do to ensure they continue seeing value...

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Streamed live 11.03.2021

Newest Outlook

Microsoft is constantly working to improve user experience. Considering Microsoft Outlook...

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Streamed live on 10.28.2021

5 Cybersecurity Secrets Your IT Company Won't tell You

How often does your IT company have a conversation with about the dire situation of your cybersecurity...

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Streamed live 10.20.2021

The Great

As we know all too well, staffing has become a problem for businesses in all industries. Economic and...

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Streamed live on 10.20.2021

Hacker Scams That Tricked Employees

#hackers use #socialengineering tactics to fool your employees to give up passwords, credit card numbers...

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Streamed live on 09.29.2021

Zero Trust
Better Security

The concept of #zerotrust in technology security is one that many biz owners haven't considered...

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Streamed live on 09.22.2021

3 Ways in 20 Minutes
a CRM Will Make You More Sales

“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially...

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Streamed live on 09.10.2021

Top 5 Questions To Ask
When Looking For A New IT Provider

Don't make a mistake when changing IT Support companies! You can avoid a BIG mistake...

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Streamed live on 08.31.2021

Choosing the Right

Do you know there are different types of antiviruses available today? Most business owners don't know because...

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Streamed live on 07.28.2021

Dissecting the
Kaseya Attack

This week the Reboot crew will take apart the Kaseya supply-chain hacker attack to help you prepare and...

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Streamed live on 07.08.2021

Firing Customers
When and How

Have any of your customer's needs stop matching what you can deliver? Have a customer that is...

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Streamed live on 06.02.2021

Hacks to Keep
Client Commitments

We all have so much to do for both ourselves and others that it's near impossible to keep...

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Streamed live on 05.20.2021

Handling Employee
Productivity Problems

No one is perfectly productive during work but when we have a team member that is systematically having...

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Streamed live on 05.05.2021

Business Owners
Productivity Hacks

Looking to make more of your valuable time? Join the Reboot for some of our best tips on how to...

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Streamed live on 04.08.2021

Risk Compliances
Every Business Needs

Too many businesses are not considering the ramifications of not having a Risk Management and...

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Streamed live on 03.24.2021

Microsoft 365 Little Known
Security Features

#microsoft365 has many more ways to secure your environment than most are taking advantage of...

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Streamed live on 03.10.2021

Google My

#googlemybusiness is how Google has gone "local" on search results. #GMB is now an essential tool...

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Streamed live on 02.24.2021

The Reboot Smart
Phone Security

DO NOT think that your mobile device or smart phone is not under attack - IT IS! Hackers are always...

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Streamed live on 01.27.2021


Black Friday Tech
Gifts and Gadgets


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Streamed live on 11.25.2020

Multi Factor

Anything that is password protected can be hacked! So why make it easy Passwords are the...

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Streamed live on 11.11.2020

The Reboot Breach Costs
Compared to Security

The Reboot crew will reopen the conversation on security and actual costs of a data breaches seen by...

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Streamed live on 10.28.2020

Working From Home:


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Streamed live on 10.08.2020

Passwords, Yes

Passwords are the foundation of nearly all security used in business and your personal life. Few give...

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Streamed live on 09.24.2020

How to Eliminate both through SOC-as-a-Service

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Cyber Breaches and How to Tighten Your Security Stack

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Threatlocker - How To Prevent Users From Saving Files To Desktop

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Simple email

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How to setup a secure
Zoom meeting

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Threatlocker - Zero Trust Product Overview

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Huntress Breach
Detection Services

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Cytracom & BLPC
Partnership and Details

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