Streamed live on 02.09.2022

Has your outsourced IT person ever mentioned a QBR? They should be and often! So what is it? QBR = "Quarterly Business Review". Some may use a different acronym but it's always a periodic meeting to review the mile-high status of your IT systems and security. It's also an important time to talk about necessary improvements that effect productivity or lower threat risks. The QBR is much like a review with your CPA or regular dentist checkup except this meeting will help you avoid disasters, downtime and surprise IT expenses. Not to mention it's an invaluable tool to ensure you're getting what you're paying for from you outsourced IT people. In this episode, #theRebootCrew covers critically important agenda items your IT people should be sharing with you in the QBR. We'll also teach you the questions you need to be asking them. #theReboot #business #accountability