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Our scalable managed IT services in NYC and on Long Island are tailored to maximize your business tech potential and enhance seamless Growth.

As a top IT managed service provider, we ensure businesses enjoy superior uptime with proactive security layers. Leave data security worries to BLPC Solutions in New York City while you focus on growth. Our Long Island services are unparalleled.

Managed IT Services: In the competitive digital landscape, timely customer support is vital for businesses. At BLPC Solutions, we prioritize your needs with comprehensive IT management across Long Island. Explore our cloud services for enhanced support.

Boost IT Security: As the premier IT managed service provider on Long Island, BLPC Solutions safeguards your data from cyber threats. With continuous network monitoring, intrusion detection, and robust security measures, our cybersecurity services ensure the utmost protection. From software development to cloud services, our team covers all aspects.

IT Strategy: Discover the benefits of partnering with a reliable MSP on Long Island for your scalable IT strategy. Our managed service provider offers a customized and strategic approach, aligning outsourced services with your in-house IT team to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. Get strategic insights to optimize your core strengths and minimize overhead costs.

Prepare Your Business For Tomorrow With Our Scalable IT Managed Services in NYC

BLPC Solutions is here to optimize your tech initiatives from start to finish. Engaging with our IT Managed services on Long Island means streamlining all your business processes, IT environment, user needs, and long-term goals from one trusted source.

Our team of experts combines industry and manufacturer best practices to tackle your toughest IT challenges head-on. With 24x7x365 support, we're committed to delivering robust, ROI-driven solutions tailored to your needs.

Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, we've covered you with fully outsourced managed IT solutions and IT consulting. Let us help you reach your business goals with cutting-edge, cost-effective technology solutions.

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Trust Our Long Island Managed IT Experts
For Robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Measures

Our comprehensive managed IT services in New York City provide round-the-clock system monitoring to ensure optimal performance and robust data security for our clients. Our secure cloud backups enable swift system restoration in a catastrophic crash or data loss, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Additionally, we collaborate closely with each client to develop tailored business continuity plans, safeguarding against potential disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted operations in the face of adversity. With our strategically located data centers just outside Manhattan in New Jersey, clients can rest assured knowing their data is securely stored and accessible with best-in-class speed and reliability, further enhancing peace of mind and business resilience.

Do I Need An MSP On Long Island Despite Having An In-House IT Department?

BLPC Solutions offers flexible IT managed services designed to integrate with your staffing approach seamlessly:

 IT Leadership Focus

Many organizations have a senior technology executive overseeing strategy, making them ideal candidates to oversee the managed services partnership and report outcomes to the board.

Targeted Expertise

Despite relying heavily on cloud services, some businesses require specialized skills for their core functions. Providers can liaise directly with your team or a designated point of contact to deliver tailored support.

 No Internal IT Resources

Startups and cost-conscious firms may forego in-house IT departments. With our managed IT services in New York, physical presence isn't necessary, ensuring strategic updates reach key stakeholders while designated contacts manage day-to-day communications.

IT Services on Long Island:

Are you a Long Island or New York City business owner? Are persistent IT challenges hindering your growth? Look no further. Let's dive into the pain points you may face. We'll explore how our specialized IT support services on Long Island can pave the way for seamless success.

Explore The Advantages of Long Island Managed IT Services Offered by BLPC Solutions


24/7 Network Monitoring and Defense

Our IT managed service ensures round-the-clock monitoring of your network, safeguarding your IT infrastructure and productivity against potential threats. With proactive defense measures, we keep your business operations secure.


 Tailored IT Plans

Say goodbye to unexpected costs with our specific IT plans and estimations. We customize solutions to fit your unique IT needs, helping you avoid unplanned expenses and optimize your budget effectively.


 Accessible Expert Support

Our team of managed IT experts is available 24/7 to address your concerns and work remotely on preventive measures. With timely support, we ensure seamless operations and minimize downtime.


 Local Presence

Based in Hauppauge, Long Island, New York, our IT experts are easily accessible for on-site assistance and consultations. We understand the local business landscape and provide personalized support tailored to your needs.


Access to Latest Technology

Partner with us for managed IT solutions and gain speedy access to cutting-edge technology solutions. We stay updated with the latest advancements to help you minimize IT issues and drive innovation.


Corporate-Level Support, Budget-Friendly

Enjoy corporate-level IT support tailored to small and medium-sized businesses. Our cost-effective solutions ensure high-quality services without breaking the bank, empowering your business to thrive.


 Cost-Effective Plans

Our cost-effective packages offer transparent pricing and predictable flat-rate plans for your IT solutions. With them, you can efficiently manage your IT budget and focus on business growth.

Align Your Business With The Top IT Services Company On Long Island For Streamlined Operations

  • Every business encounters IT challenges – from system crashes to sluggish performance. However, the real issue arises when your team spends valuable time resolving these issues reactively.
  • To truly address these challenges, it's essential to identify the root cause and prevent them from recurring. Our remote IT team resolves immediate issues and conducts thorough investigations to determine the underlying causes.
  • By proactively addressing these root causes, we significantly reduce recurring IT issues. This results in improved productivity as your employees no longer face random disruptions, experience smoother operations, and experience enhanced efficiency with our proactive IT solutions.

Do Unexpected Fees Frequently Arise With Your
Current Managed IT Provider On Long Island?

Consider A New MSP

If your current managed services provider exhibits the described issues, it might be time to explore alternatives, mainly if affordable IT solutions are crucial for your small business's growth.

Consistent Costs

Managed services costs should ideally remain stable month to month. However, as your business expands on Long Island, expect gradual increases in expenses for managed IT solutions.

Growing IT Requirements

With business expansion comes a corresponding growth in IT requirements. As your business expands, so will its IT support and solutions needs.

Transparent Communication

Maintain open and transparent communication with your MSP to optimize cost-efficiency and service quality. Discuss any potential additional services well to ensure alignment with your evolving needs.

Assess Existing Service Portfolio

If your current service package adequately meets your needs, the likelihood of requiring additional services decreases. Regularly reassess your service package with your MSP to ensure it aligns with your business requirements.

Reassess Service Package

If expenses escalate beyond what suits your business, consider revisiting and adjusting your service package with your MSP.

Priority On Proactive Communication

MSP companies in New York prioritize proactive, transparent, and candid communication between the MSP and the client to ensure mutual understanding and satisfaction.

Bespoke IT Solutions Crafted For Your Unique Industry Demands

Tailored Solutions for Your Industry: We specialize in crafting bespoke managed IT services tailored to meet the unique demands of your industry, ensuring your business stays competitive and secure in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

Customized Approach: Our team of expert technicians understands that no two industries are alike. We take a personalized approach to every client engagement, developing comprehensive IT solutions that align with your business objectives and regulatory compliance needs in healthcare, finance, legal, or any other sector.

Focus on Security: We prioritize enhancing security measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance, especially in highly regulated industries. Our comprehensive IT security plans include data encryption, threat detection, and proactive monitoring to mitigate risks and protect your organization from cyber threats.

Guidance Every Step of the Way: Navigating the complexities of managed IT services can be daunting. Our team is here to guide you through the process, from initial consultation to ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring you receive exceptional service and tailored solutions that empower your business to thrive in today's digital age.

Experience Personalized Support: Experience the difference of personalized IT support tailored to your industry's unique demands with B&L PC Solutions. Get in touch with us to know how our bespoke managed IT solutions can elevate your business.

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Gain An Edge With Proactive Managed IT Solutions
For Your Businesses Across Long Island and New York City

BLPC Solutions offers top-notch managed IT services in Hauppauge and Long Island for medium and large businesses spanning various industries such as finance, law, education, non-profit, and more.

As a premier managed services provider, we grasp the competitive challenges businesses face in New York.

To maintain their competitive edge, companies require superior products, services, and talent, encompassing IT infrastructure, direction, and support.

Inadequate IT planning and maintenance hinder business success, diverting leaders and staff from their core competencies as they navigate a disorganized and vulnerable IT environment.

Maximize Savings
Discover Our Cost-Effective IT Solutions Tailored for Long Island Businesses

No matter your business size, unexpected IT expenses derail your operations. Many New York businesses exacerbate this issue with intricate billing structures and additional charges.

Our IT service company on Long Island offers comprehensive IT management and unlimited support tickets under one transparent monthly fee. Say goodbye to surprise costs and hello to streamlined budgeting. Get the assistance you need without the financial guesswork.

Managed IT Support And IT Services For Small And Medium Businesses On Long Island and New York City

Cloud Computing Services

We have migrated dozens of Long Island companies from on prem servers to a secure cloud.

Data Backup & Business Continuity

Don’t lose your data (we back it up every 15 minutes)! If there is a site disaster or failure we can have you running in a secure cloud the same day!

IT Consulting

Get IT Consulting Services on Long Island for all your IT-related matters and optimize your business in the best way possible.

Managed IT Services

Long Island and NYC bundled support and licensing at a competitive price.

Network Security

Our network security solution will help your business adhere to all government regulations. We can help you write all of your network security policies.

Server Virtualization

Many Long Island businesses have saved money by consolidating their hardware using virtualization.

vCIO Services

With a dedicated Technology Liaison for your business, we can provide strategic consulting services and cost analysis regarding information technology and cloud infrastructure.

VoIP Services

Long Island businesses run seamlessly using our VoIP platform. Make and receive calls from your business phone number on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop.

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